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Public Organization “Anahita” is a not-for-profit and volunteer organization. The organization is accountable both to those who support it and to those whom it works for. The organization has been established in June 2004 in order to improve and advocate the role of women in the society, develop leadership among women, increase the legal and economic rights of rural women, develop projects on humanitarian aids for women, healthy life, provide legal, medical and moral support to women and children in rural areas, support and develop traditional handicraft activities, folklore and dance, develop and increase ecological knowledge of local people, conservation and protection of environment and natural resources, biodiversity of flora and fauna in the country, search and learn the local traditional knowledge. From 2004 to 2009 the organization during its activity provided trainings to rural woman. Tajikistan remaind one of the poorest former Soviet Union countries due to its brutal civil war of 1992–1997. Tajik women were disproportionately affected by rising poverty, especially in rural areas. It is estimated that the war created 25,000 widows. Due to male losses during the war and because of rampant unemployment in the countryside, most men have left their homes looking for work in other countries, thus women have become predominant in rural Tajikistan. At the district level, the organization focused its activity on increasing rural women’s knowledge of the principles and procedures of the de-collectivization process to better prepare women for the collective farm reorganization meetings. This was done through scheduled legal consultations, provided in 16 pilot villages branches of the Women’s Committee, as well as through an information campaign region wide. The advocacy campaign resulted in an increase in the number of women who received officially registered land plots that in turn helped them to stand against poverty. After getting independence Tajikistan faced difficulties in education system. The economic gains and poverty reduction tied to level and quality of education. In 2010 we PO Anahita conducted a research to assess the education system in two pilot districts. As a result we have highlighted the workload of schools, poor equipment with laboratory equipment, visual aids, innovative technologies, a lack of qualified teaching staff, teaching aids, a low level of students' knowledge, equal opportunities for girls and boys in remote villages, equal opportunities for the families with low income to enter Universities. The findings were presented and discussed with the government officials and civil society organizations. In 2013 Public organization Anahita participated in the development of the Law of Republic of Tajikistan on Education. There was not a single organization in Tajikistan that could be lobbying the issues of preservation of the unique language and culture, of Yaghnoby people in Tajikistan Public Organization “Anahita” was the only organization that started to promote Yaghnoby language, culture and tradition. Since 2009, Public organization “Anahita” is working with Yaghnoby community. We have implemented projects on supporting and encouraging cultural diversity, preserving and promoting the Yaghnoby language, distinct identities and traditional knowledge of Yaghnoby people, in a manner that they determine best advances their needs. The common efforts of PO “Anahita”, Yaghnoby Community, the Government and stakeholders have resulted to the creation of Yaghnob Biocultural Park. Based on the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan - #227, May 2, 2019 on creation of the Yaghnob National Park the park has been established. The Park opened new possibilities to be a mainstay of biological and cultural diversity conservation, while also contributing to people’s livelihoods, particularly at the local level.